Friday, December 16, 2011

Trip to Williamsburg.

My Mom sometimes goes to the Williamsburg Grand Illumination on the first weekend in December.  She wasn't able to stay for the fireworks this year, but because of that, I got to go!  Of course, I had to go with my sister Felicity.  Since it is her hometown, she gets to go everytime.

See, here I am at the entrance sign at the Visitor Center.  I am so small because the sign is sooo big.  It was cool on Saturday, so I didn't have to wear a jacket, but I did wear my new winter sweater, my favorite brown cords, and a new hat Mom made for me that matches my cords exactly.

Here I am in Williamsburg.  We are near the Capitol building.  We had just finished going through an old house.  Mom does this house tour where private homes are open just for this one day.  We met the Master Shoemaker of Williamsburg in his house and heard his daughters play the harp.

You can almost see the Capitol building behind me.  I love to climb trees and this one was too hard to resist.  Next stop is the Apple House.  There are holes in the bricks on the front of the building and they put apples in them at Christmastime.  I forgot to get a picture.

Here is my sister, Felicity.  She meets up with her friend George here once a year.  I think they have a thing going on, but she denies it.  They do look good together.

Almost at the end of the day, we saw the Fife and Drum Corp playing and marching down Duke of Gloucester Street.  We watched them and then followed them to the Governor's Palace.  They were sure loud but it was fun and everyone was so excited.  I really loved marching along behind them, like in a big parade.

This horse was outside on of the houses on the home tour.  The Garden Club ladies had done it.  Felicity was so excited she had to jump on board.  It wasn't even Penny, it was just a grapevine horse!  This was outside a really neat house located just down from the Governor's Palace.  Upstairs, they owners had done up a little girl's room to look just like Felicity's.  They even had a full sized bed!  It was really cool.

It was a long day, and a lot of walking.  Felicity got tired and took a nap while we were waiting.  Isn't she silly.  Maybe lugging those heavy skirts around all day will tire you out.  I just can't convince her to try on pants.

Since we were so tired, we went to the Abby Aldridge Rockefeller center.  They had a children's craft.  I got to make some dolls out of clothespins.  Pretty cute, huh?

Well, that was my day.  Hope you enjoyed it, I sure did.  I really learned a lot about Colonial History and I hope to come back some day.  Lucky Felicity comes all the time.