Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay, two posts in one day.  Since Mom didn't feel well, she stayed home and sewed for me!  She made me and some of my cousins Harry Potter robes.  She used a pattern that she bought at the Liberty Jane site.  It is by Miche Designs and is a really nice pattern.  Mom really likes Liberty Jane because the patterns fit my slim body so well and she can pay for them and download them instantly.

Here I am in my Gryffindor robe.  Mom did some research and learned that all the robes had a black lining until the third movie and then each house got a lining in it's own color.

See, here I am with my cousins, Kit, Naomi, Lizzie and me.  See, Lizzie is from Ravenclaw, so her robe is blue.  I just noticed that we are all blonds.

Mom got tired of sewing robes, so she took a break to sew me a new holiday dress.  She realized that I didn't have one this year.  This is from another Liberty Jane site pattern.  This pattern is by Heritage 4 and is called "The Wrap Top Dress."  It is a very versitile pattern because if you make it in a pretty cotton, it could be a sundress.  If you make it like Mom does, it is a fancy dress.


Here I am trying on the dress.  It is almost done, but not quite.  See, I have on my pants and loafers.
Mom made this dress before in orange.  This silver one will be nicer for the holiday season.

I'm really glad that my Mom sews.  I get some really neat clothes.

Do any of you have some pattern suggestions?

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  1. I love it when Mama sews for us too, we have so much fun helping her pick out the perfect material and patterns for our clothes. We like to mix n match different patterns too, mama makes the top from one pattern with sleeves from another .. lol